13th Annual Winternights Viking Festival

2024 - 13th Winternights Viking Festival

Saturday Oct 19th, 2024

Thanks to All!

$618 raised for Northern NJ Veterans Memorial Cemetery

Thank you to all those that were vendors and/or presenters/educators at this year's 12th Winternights Viking Festival! Thank you to all attendees for coming out on a cold autumn day and of course for your donations. The trustees and our volunteers appreciated your warmth on such a cold day. Will post more of an update soon but have clean up and a little more rest (lol).. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

THANK YOU! 2023- attendees/vendors/organizations3

A total of $618 was given to NNJVC

Our plans for this year include potentially opening open a previously unused area. There is a sloped lawn area behind the Nordic House. This provides an area for sitting on the lawn that is isolated from most of the road generated sounds. A small stage, backdrop, and/or screen is possible at the bottom of the steep slope. This would provide an area for stories, oration, lessons, video or similar venues.. that is away from the hustle and bustle of everything else.. Any thoughts or interest in doing something in such an area please let us know.

Winternights Festival is now a 501c

It took a while but this event is now part of the “Lars & Sven Foundation” events and activities.

We finally received our exemption from IRS and are now a bona fide – 501c3

THANK YOU for attending past Events!