Vendors, Performers, Helpers, & Guests!

Welcome to the 1st Annual Vetrnaetr / Winter Nights Festival coming to the Nordic House in Vernon, NJ on October 23rd. It is not to be missed! It will run from 11am until 6pm that day rain or shine or snow? It will be family oriented, educational, and fun. Period dress/costume is welcome and encouraged including elves, Valkyrie, and Viking, or old Norse villagers.

This is our first festival honoring this most important part of the old ways but it is just the beginning of a tradition of singing, reading poetry and blessings, playing games, giving thanks, and honoring the Gods and other beings that share their worlds with our community(tribes) and the land we are upon.

In addition this festival will be honoring Daniel Riegle, a member of Norsewind, that no longer is with us. Odin advises us –  “One thing I know will never die – the dead man’s reputation” . Our 1st Winternights Festival is dedicated to honor the reputation of Daniel Riegle for it and he are worthy of such In honor.

In part this festival asks for protection against the harshness of winter. To help with that the Kiwanis and VernonsOwn Foundation will again this year have coats available for a $1 donation(if you choose). This money will then go towards helping provide food for our local pantries to likewise help against the harshness of winter in our community/tribe. In addition to being an annual event in itself, Vetrnaetr will help mark the start of Home4dHolidays each year in Vernon.