Thanks to the Hobsons and Church Street Photo for these great shots of some of what was happening at this years Winternights Festival. These photos have been reduced in size & or content to allow the page to not take days to load (lol) but please be patient as it still may take some time depending on your connection and computer/laptop/etc. All photos are not to be copied, reproduced, or otherwise used without written permission. Thank you – Enjoy!

Children’s Club Skansen #147

Children's Club Skansen #147 getting readyYCS as they dance up to main area
YCS dancing to the left
YCS ring dancing to the right


3rd-Wnf-Band-05   3rd-Wnf-Band-09

3rd-Wnf-Paul-02 3rd-Wnf-Paul-04

3rd-Wnf-Danjul-04 3rd-Wnf-Danjul-06

3rd-Wnf-Anna-04 3rd-Wnf-Anna-03



BBB Apiary

3rd-Wnf-BBB-03 3rd-Wnf-BBB-01

Guests & Activities

3rd-Wnf-guests-03 3rd-Wnf-Longboats-01