TYR's Aett Runestone
TYR’s Aett Runestone

Held Sun Oct 19th, 2014 4th annual

THANKS! to all that attended, to all that were vendors or perfomers, to all our volunteers, and to the weather that, though a bit brisk at times, really co-operated today. Enjoyed sharing some of our culture and beliefs as well as some laughs, good music, and chatting with many of you..

According to the bridge trolls 77 adults, 22 seniors, and 12 children attended this years event not including help and vendors .etc.. This raises $246 for the charities. The math does not exactly work and is a little higher thanks to some donating extra directly to the trolls. That said $123 will be given towards helping saving local WVM VFW Post-8441 and $123 will be given to the Northern NJ Veterans Cemetery

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Video on Locating & Positioning of Runestones

Final revision of Poster
Final revision of Poster

Hail Facebook – Hail Vetrnaetr on it!

Final Image to be carved on Tyr Runestone
Finished Design for TYR’s Runestone & 4th Annual Items

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Runestone dedicated to Freya

In part this festival asks for protection against the harshness of winter. In addition to being an annual event in itself, Vetrnaetr will help mark the start of Home4dHolidays each year in Vernon. This website will be updated periodically. Any questions please use our contact on this site.

The Nordic House in Vernon, NJ is honored to host this event as a way to share, enjoy, and learn about the Norse culture of the Viking era.