5th Annual Winternights Festival Oct 25th 2015

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Fiinal Revision 2015 5th Annual Poster
Fiinal Revision 2015 5th Annual Poster

As in past years this event will raise money for 2 charities – Veterans Cemetery & VFW Post

$2 of the $3 Troll Bridge Crossing fee goes to them – split evenly $1 each

Hail Facebook – Hail Vetrnaetr on it!

THANK YOU from 2015 Event!

THANKS! to all the performers and vendors at this year’s 5th Annual Winternights Festival. Thanks to our volunteer helpers. Thanks to those of you that attended. Sadly it was about half the attendance of last year. You missed it – Gotta tell you it was a great festival.

As mentioned earlier this year we will no longer be attending Scanfest. We instead will devote ourselves to Vetrnaetr. Logistically, finacially, and personally its the right choice for us. Hopefully this year we can also move forward on becoming more of a museum/gallery/speciality gifts/educational/ and cafe cultural center.Enjoyed sharing some of our culture and beliefs as well as some laughs, good music, and chatting with many of you..

Final gate & donations tally comes in at $176. We’ll provide all the gate to the 2 charities or $88 each to the North Jersey Veterans cemetery and to our local VFW Post #8441