We welcome and are happy to showcase the following vendors and sponsors for this our 5th Winternights Festival. We will add and update our listings periodically as we draw closer to this years event on Sunday Oct 25th from 11:30am until 4:30pm.

Vendors Include:

The Mad Plaquer John – The Mad Plaquer from Milford PA brings us from their Etsy world – a shop full of fun witchy baubles and things!.

From wickedly wild plaques to divinely inspired jewelry, sacred shrines and more! You’ll find a bit of everything here in my shop! Each item is a handmade piece of art… No two are exactly the same! Below are some Viking/Norse/Celtic pieces to peruse:.

Yggdrasil & Runes Pendant
Yggdrasil & Runes Pendant
Thor's Hammer on Plaque
Thor’s Hammer on Plaque
Yggdrasil Tree of Life Plaque
Yggdrasil Tree of Life Plaque

Visit his Etsy page at: The-Mad-Plaquer

The Skeletons Key Co-sharing this vendor’s area is – The Skeletons Key. Jennifer of The Skeletons Key specializes in wire wrapped jewelry, stone/crystal jewelry and antique key jewelry.

All her items are handmade and unique. Custom orders, sizing and stone placement is always welcome! Her shop also is on Etsy where she hopes you find the key to happiness here within The Skeletons Key! The Desir and other spirits no doubt will also be admiring her work as samples below they are indeed handmade and unique:

Blood Red Ring
Blood Red Ring
Halloween Ring Collection
Halloween Ring Collection
Dragons Eye
Dragons Eye

Visit her Etsy page at: The-Skeletons-Key

Bees, Birds and Bears Apiary – an apiary is a place where bees are kept; especially : a collection of hives or colonies of bees kept for their honey. The vikings made a drink called “Mead” which was fermented from bee honey. No, that will not be available but bbbapiary will have “local” grade A+ honey and related bee products. They have a live bee cam on their website www.bbbapiary.com.bbbapiary

A Touch of Glass and Diane of ATouchofGlassAnd has been doing Stained Glass for more years than she care to admit to; handcrafting everything from stained glass suncatchers, to windows, to whatever catches her fancy or someone else’s. Each sheet of glass is hand cut and inspired by the colors of springtime flowers, the crackle of an autumn fire, songs of the birds in summer, the babble of a winter brook and the whisper of the spirits in the trees. They are true works of art, great craftsmanship, and made with love.

She also carries Heat Bags filled with flaxseed and herbs for aromatherapy relief, and they smell great 🙂 Last, Diane has also been selling flags, pennants and banners which focus on honoring Northern European or Asatru traditions.

Day Dreaming Fairie
Day Dreaming Fairie
Odins Spear
Odins Spear

Visit her site: A Touch of Glass and

Enshrine DesignRobin of Enshrine Design features Henna Body Adornment and the Ancient Art of Mehndi done. All natural adornment made from henna plant leaves that are made into a paste, henna is artfully applied in a beautiful temporary design that can stay on the skin for up to one month.

Her designs are not used just to adorn ones body. Robin has a selection of clothing, candles, wall pieces/mats with her designs on them. In addition to the arts Robin also offers deep tissue, restructuring, pregnancy massage, hot stones, hair tissue mineral analysis, nutrition counseling, & more as EnShrine Health.

Raising Helm

Henna On Arm

Multi On White Halt

Visit her site: EnShrine Designs

Golden Fish Art Galleryis a gallery in Milford, PA showcasing the artwork of John Longendorfer, Edwin Longendorfer, and many others. John and Edwin tend to do the majority of their art in a Celtic or Nordic theme, with a lot of fantasy and medieval art as well.

The gallery also carries a wide variety of Nordic and Celtic jewelry which they will be bringing. Items range from Celtic knot work to neck torcs, Thor’s Hammer, and much more.

Wizard -Elf-Giant-Boy


Visit Golden Fish: Golden Fish Art Gallery

Kilted Suds is a line of handmade soaps and body products created using an old family recipe from Ireland. The brand logo is St. Brigid’s cross, and bars of soap are hand stamped with Celtic knot work. Brigid began creating soaps at a young age with her grandmother. As an Irish immigrant to America, she brought with her recipes from the Emerald Isle, one of which was her recipe for soap. Over the years, her original Irish recipe has become Kilted Suds. She has tweaked and changed little things here and there to bring to you an all natural, organic, and vegan line of products. New discoveries along the way has allowed them to expand our product lines to include things such as lotion and lip balms.

All of their soaps are hand crafted using the finest natural ingredients. Liquid soaps are made using a hot processing technique which transforms distilled water, olive oil and organic coconut oil into a liquid soap base. They then scent and dye the liquid soap using all natural ingredients and essential oils. Scents are created using a variety of fresh herbs, dried herbs, teas, oils and essential oils. Dyed soaps are dyed using natural ingredients. Theirr bar soaps are created using a cold processing technique with most bars being made of olive, coconut, and sunflower oils. They take great pride in the fact that only the best natural products are used in our soap production to create a product that is silky and will leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed.

Green Tea Liquid Soap


Visit Kilted Suds FB: Kilted Suds on FB

Maiden Fire Jewelry Fit for every Viking & Shield Maiden, Lucy handcrafts & designs her own jewelry ranging from wire-wrapped creations, chain-mail adornments, & much more to decorate the human form. Wear your fire for life with Maiden Fire Jewelry!

Crystal Spike Necklace

Spiked Metal Braclets

Visit Maiden Fire Jewelry FB: Maiden Fire Jewelry on FB

Adam Carini Like this years poster well the designer of it will be at this year’s festival. Adam will be here as a vendor alongside Maiden Fire Jewelry, selling his prints and paintings, Adam Carini. Graphic Designer and Painter. Works inspired by Nordic Runes, Empowerment and Culture. Signed copies anyone!

Adams Logo Longship


Visit Adam Carini on FB: Adam Carini on FB

Vernon Nordic House – host for the event again this year. The Nordic House is located on Route 94 in Vernon and will be offering authentic Swedish Meatballs made all natural products from local farms. Other Nordic foods will include Finnish Pulla, Danish Almond Kringle, Norwegian Sour Cream Waffles with our own local Nordic Hus wild raspberry jam, Cucumber Salad, Dragon Punch, & Coffee,

Lars In Valhalla - Co Founder & Sponser of WNF
Lars In Valhalla – Co Founder & Sponser of WNF
Freyja, Heimdall, & ?
Freyja, Heimdall, & Tyr