6th Annual Winternights Festival Oct 23rd 2016

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2016 WNF raised $307 for NNJ Veterans Memorial Cemetery

Thank you to everyone that attended this event. I was busy so not able to really notice but others said it seemed like a good turn out. Thanks to those that donated extra for the Veterans. Thank you to all the great vendors, educators, participants, performers, et ALL. I heard a lot of nice feed back during the event about the quality of vendors we had and the craftsmanship of them. Thanks to the hard working volunteers some which prefer not to have their name on FB etc. Safe journey and a long one 🙂

As in past years this event raised money for the Northern NJ Veterans Cemetery

$2 of the $3 Troll Bridge Crossing fee went to them – some donated more 🙂

Hail Facebook – Hail Vetrnaetr on it!

THANK YOU from 2016 Event!