2020 Vendors - Crafters

We welcome and are happy to showcase vendors and sponsors for this years Winternights Festival. We will add and update our listings periodically as we draw closer to this years event on Sunday Oct 25th from 11:30am until 4:30pm. That said we currently do not have any vendors since COVID has caused uncertainty for vendors.

We can appreciate the situation they are in.

We currently ARE accepting applications for vendors. Prior Vendors are first in queue. You can email to be on a cancellation waiting list if not initially accepted. We reserve the right to decide on who will or will not be a vendor. Please send us an email at “vendors at winternightsfestival dot com” to tell us about yourself and what you would like to provide. We also limit vendors so as not to overlap and to allow returning vendors first preference to again be a vendor.

Vendors Include:

Old Bones Design

 – Back again this year is a  vendor you will not want to miss ala “Old Bones Designs” with unique custom jewelry designs by Tina.

Uniqueness is important to her incorporating glass, metal, semi-precious stones, bone, and genuine Swarovski pendants and beads.

Tina keeps her prices as low as possible so we all will have a chance to buy something we love while also being of high quality, unqiue, become a favorite piece in your jewelry box, and get compliments while your wearing it.

 – In addition to her Swarovski, Bracelets, Necklaces, and Earrings, you will not want to miss out on “Just for this Vikings Festival” designed and hand crafted pieces. You won’t find them anywhere else and not at Tina’s awesome prices.

An example of a beautiful swarovski-heart-necklace

Visit Old Bones Designs on FB: Old Bones Designs on FB

Example of Swarovoski-Heart-Necklace
A Touch of Glass And
A Touch of Glass and Diane of ATouchofGlassAnd has been doing Stained Glass for more years than she care to admit to; handcrafting everything from stained glass suncatchers, to windows, to whatever catches her fancy or someone else’s. Each sheet of glass is hand cut and inspired by the colors of springtime flowers, the crackle of an autumn fire, songs of the birds in summer, the babble of a winter brook and the whisper of the spirits in the trees. They are true works of art, great craftsmanship, and made with love. She also carries Heat Bags filled with flaxseed and herbs for aromatherapy relief, and they smell great 🙂 Last, Diane has also been selling flags, pennants and banners which focus on honoring Northern European or Asatru traditions. Visit her site: A Touch of Glass and