We welcome back and are happy to showcase the following educators at the 2021 Winternights Festival.

2021 – Educators Include:

Viking Re-enactors / SLAVIC INVASION

Re-purposed, re-named and re-branded we welcome “SLAVIC INVASION” They will be reenacting the fighting style and techniques of Vikings. Watch as they demonstrate techniques for striking and defending oneself in battle. They have a new banner too to go along with their transformation to “SLAVIC INVASION”

Small Vikings are not forgotten and they have mini versions of everything for them to learn with and be taught. Yes teaching of the young is not only important but something this group really enjoys and is good at. This warrior princess is holding a shield with their new emblem design.

This year they will be engaging in ??? at 2:00

* Christopher Magnus *

Joining us for the first time as an Educator / Presenter is : Christopher Magnus – Hail Chris!

He is knowledgeable and has “on-hands” experience in several Viking era skills such as making Chainmaille or using a loom to weave like they did. He will be demonstrating techniques as well as available to ask questions or gain insight into these and other areas.

He also has experience making shields and clothing. Here he is in the field of battle with items he created.

* Son's of Odin - United States *

Joining us for the first time as an Educator / Presenter / Organization is : “Son’s of Odin – United States”. They have chapters(Holds) across the US.

In addition to what they will be showing and have available in their area they will be part of the activities venue too. They will hold a ceremony, no human sacrifices for our event, they you may witness or participate in as desired/allowed.. Also in addition to showing creating runes for one’s own use they will be helping tell about and explain “RUNES” as a formal educational presentation..Hail and thanks to them.

Members from the NorthEastern/Northern Hold, Pennsylvania, and NJ should be in attendance. Oh ,, and don’t be mislead by “Son’s” as women are members/officers as well.


According to their doctrines ” We do not promote or tolerate violence or Racism”. Their make up is “Americans with Nordic Ancestral ties who daily strive to live to the best of our abilities to the ‘Nine Noble Virtue'”.

In addition to their organization being present they may/will be part of some of the day’s activities..

We’ll be updating our activities event calendar up to the day of the festival.

* Rising Storm Meadery *

Beer was available during the Viking age but due to its cost and the need for grains for food over alcohol it wasn’t the drink of the masses or regular consumption by most. Mead held that position. We are happy to announce that Craig of Rising Storm Meadery will be set up at this years festival giving educational demonstrations on mead making and discussions on the history of mead.

Craig is a familiar face from past festivals and a local that is a friend to all.