2022 - WNF Activities

Here is the temporary site/activities plan for this years event subject to changes (as/if) required. As we get closer and areas are actually implemented we will adjust for gotchas if found. This site map only shows parking in the aerial view photo. Additional areas are available and will be marked as such on the day of the festival.

Temporary Activities Site Plan - Being udated until Event

The areas are laid out so that activities not as affected by the road noise from Rt 94 are closer to it while activities where less noise &/or distractions are further away. If the funeral home next door isn’t being used you may use their park lot as well


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Grinding of grains for bread / cereal

Smelting of iron ore into iron :
6:30 – start fire / pre-heat furnace
9:00 – 14:00 load with ore and charcoal during day
15:00 – crack open remove bloom

Forging of Iron
13:30 – load forge coal
14:00 – forge piece of iron

Splitting of logs into planks for longship

Talks / Speakers:

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Self Discovery Areas:

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Freya Runestone
Heimdall Runestone
Tyr Runestone
Rune Wall

Yggdrasil – 9 realms

Participation Activities:

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Axe Throwing:             Ages 17 –  up
Grind your own Rye Flour
Help in Viking Log Split

Young Viking Area / Activities:

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Axe Throwing:                      Ages 2 – 7
Axe Throwing:                      Ages 7 – 17

Build a Viking Longship:     Ages 2-up
Build a Viking Shield:          Ages 2-up