We welcome back and are happy to showcase the following educators at the 2023 Winternights Festival.

2023 – Educators / Presenters Include:

* Smelt Team 6 *

Members of Smelt Team 6, a group of blacksmiths that joined forces to demonstrate and educate others in the art of iron smelting, will be demonstrating the production of iron from raw ores to a smelted bloom using a clay cob furnace, like the Vikings did. They will also be showing how the iron could have then been used (forged) into needed items by traveling blacksmiths or in a community forge.

* Son's of Odin - United States *

We regret to announce that Rhiannon with Sons of Odin will not be attending. She and her husband are ill, its a long trip, and they do not want to possibly give it to others.. Prayers for recovery.. Thought all should know as she was a presenter and vendor. Safe journey

Returning this year as an Educator / Presenter / Organization is : “Son’s of Odin – United States”. They have chapters(Holds) across the US.

In addition to what they will be showing and have available in their area they will be part of the activities venue too. They will hold a ceremony, no human sacrifices for our event, they you may witness or participate in as desired/allowed.. Also in addition to showing creating runes for one’s own use they will be helping tell about and explain “RUNES” as a formal educational presentation..Hail and thanks to them.

We regret that members from the NH and PA chapters may not be in attendance this year. With fuel costs what they are and rising .. we understand and wish them well.

NJ members & President of Sons of Odin will be in attendance.

* OLAF - Slavic Invasion *

We feel fortunate and happy to announce that Olaf will be returning again this year.. He brings with him Viking fighting skills, weapons, knowledge of both, his encampment, Viking clothing, and of course his great humor and good will.. Olaf is a member of Slavic Invasion .. was hoping to see the 2 shield maidens battle again but we have no problem raising a horn to say “Hail Olaf – Velkom”

* Lars & Sven Foundation *

The foundation prepares and presents a multitude of opportunities to learn about Vikings and their culture. Learning can be as simple as a show and tell exhibit or when and where possible participating in an activity. 

Show and tell can run from seeing and/or reading to watching a live demonstration of a Viking activity/practice/skill.

Stone Meal Grinding Wheel
Viking Stew