Viking Longship Disir – 10/01 Update

Finished debarking 1st 30′ log and 80% done with debarking second 30′ log. These are the keel and main planking logs. Built a iron pipe holder for them to get them off ground through the winter months. They also will be out of the way for festival and other things until work resumes on them […]

Viking Longship Disir – 08/31 Update

Debarking Day 2 though only a few hours as working on repairing Troll Bridge & maintaining Freya Runestone. You can see Frey in background wrapped in white plastic. Technically we are not totally debarking the logs yet. We are scrapping off the outer bark but down to the inner bark “phloem”. This to take away […]

Viking Longship Disir – 08/30 Update

We have 3 kinds of debarking tools but it seems for these logs the 10″ draw knife works well. Its nice too because the logs are so big one just sits on them with a leg on each side then draws the tool toward you. Its easy on the back and really only using arm […]

Viking Longship Disir – 08/25 update

We mentioned wood for making actual ship components but we also need it to make charcoal for melting the bog ore. Yep, we will also as part of the encampment have a charcoal making area. We’ll also need lots of mud for making the charcoal distiller, pine tar distiller, and ore melting bloomery furnace. Mud […]

Viking Longship Disir – 08/24 update

Longship “DISIR” postponement: Sadly we will not be able to have a finished or even partially completed longship in time for this festival. We do not want a partial one to be sitting over winter and believe the town might not appreciate it. Instead, and so as to potentially gain helpers for when we do, […]

Viking Longship Disir – 08/18 Update

Another week gone by without logs being cut and delivered. This means completing the longship for this year is definitely out of the question. We will endeavor to put together a nice ship building display and educational instruction venue for 2017 Winternights Festival instead. If we do not get logs within next two weeks then […]

Viking Longship Disir – 08/14 Update

Due to monsoon rain last Mon and wedding the weekend following the delivery of oak logs has been delayed. The weather looks good for cutting and delivering them this week but now we are down to 8 weeks to complete all the tasks. As we’ve said in the past rushing to get it done isn’t […]

Viking Longship Disir – 08/09 Update

Went and asked all three trees for acceptance of their becoming part of a viking longship to honor Vikings and the Disir (as well as them). Here are photos of the 3 trees and of our talking with one of them.

Viking Longship Disir – 08/08 Update

The other two splitting hammers/mauls we ordered were shipped late yesterday. They had been on back order. Two Viking style broad axes also have been shipped. These are coming from Europe. Hopefully the third style broad axe, one we are having made, will be available soon too. All three of these will be on display […]