Thanks to those that attended. Look forward to the task at hand and working together on it. Apologize finally got to watch it up close on big screen and it seems it was slightly out of focus. Did not have time to preview except on my monitor where it was crystal clear. Perhaps the settings for converting to DVD were not correct. My bad.

Have contacted 3 tree services by their online forms and so far not a single one has responded. I’ve been working on finishing up the actual ship conversions and plans so we can make templates to use in searching for trees & limbs 🙂

Here is the Tasks and Rough Time-Line presented after the video:

Get Logs and Tools Ready – by end June
Logs to planks- by mid August
Other wood pieces made/ready – by mid Aug
Begin Assembly – by end Aug
Complete Assembly – by 1st week Oct

Work together and enjoy it – never ending 🙂

Thanks.. lots of logistics – finding, calling, designs for pieces, finding funds & promoting. Also the artwork design for the scrolling on the keel & hull, arranging for bagging oak chips for barbecues, giving to seniors, selling to help pay for project. Working on some educational open to public sessions during construction along with creating documentary of entire process.