Help Build a replica Viking Longship like the Vikings Did!

Each year we work on adding something new to the grounds that honors our Viking ancestors in a way that is informative, educational, and respectful. We usually unveil it at our Winternights Festival in October. This year’s project will do that in a way and on a scale we believe Odin and the Norns will approve of.

It is our intention to build a replica Viking longboat modeled after the style and dimensions of the Gokstad. Not an exact replica but a ship that shows the construction principals and techniques that were used. It will probably be scaled down by 1/2 which still ends up being almost 40′ long and 8′ wide. More on this and updates can be found on the festivals FB event listing. This is also consistent with our working towards being a museum/cultural center.

Our kickoff meeting is May 21st but this project will take several months to complete just in time for this year’s festival on Oct 22nd. Periodic update and instructional meetings will be held until then. Work will be done daily and on weekends as feasible by individuals with group work weekend sessions being held each month until completion. This will be about learning as well as doing.