Bad news and good news. One of the potential providers of oak logs returned a ‘sorry not doable’. Waiting to hear from others. On the positive side we had contacted Viking World in Iceland where a full size replica of the Gokstad was built and is on exhibit. It is called Icelander (├Źslendingur). The builder sailed it to NY in 2000 commemorating Leif’s journey to America 1000 yrs earlier. He also was 2nd in command on the Gaia, an earlier made replica of the Gokstad, sailing to America and South America on it. They traveled up the Amazon. Mr Gunnar Marel Eggertsson the designer and builder of it and I have been and are now in contact. He is a 3rd generation Icelandic ship builder and is willing to help assist us with the design and construction of ours. His advice and expertise is appreciated and no doubt will be extremely helpful during our project. You can found out more about him and the Icelandar at: