I have been mulling over the name of the ship we will be building. My inclination has been toward using “Drakkar” since the same design, though more 3D, head and tail that is on our min-ship out front will be incorporated into it. It indeed will be a ‘dragon’ ship too. One variation from the original Gokstad.

This year’s festival is dedicated to the Disir, in part due to my mothers passing into their realm several months ago. I thought of using my mom’s Scandinavian name or a variation of it. It then occurred to me that as this ship is the project for this year’s Winternights Festival, it could and should be called the “DISIR”, thus honoring ALL of them, including my mother. We all can associate with the spirits of the women that watch over & protect us as we travel through Midgard. By working together to build “Disir” we will honor them together.

Hail Disir!