This festival has been funded primarily by the Vernon Nordic House since its inception. Unfortunately this led to substantial losses* over the period the festival has been held. Lars & Sven suggested selling items from the festivals, about the festivals, or from vendors at the festivals to help subsidize not only Winternights but also a second festival to teach, enlighten, promote, and share information about the Vikings and others. To that end we, ah excuse me – Lars and Sven, brings you the Lars & Sven Viking Trading Post.
Drakkar will be happy to transport you to the trading post in Asgard.

Click on Me to Fly to Asgard

*The fees from vendors help to pay for the required portajohn. We have kept them low to help attract potential vendors. The gate likewise has been kept very low, relative to other events & festivals to help people be able to attend a great venue and not go broke.