Norsewind is a band that goes beyond just playing and singing songs based on old Norse traditions. These traditions are carried on and are a way of life for them. Norsewind sings from the heart!!!

Danjul from Norsewind will be performing a solo set at the Nordic House for this year’s Vetrnaetr. He will be performing original and traditional folk music. Songs from Norsewind, traditional Irish songs, some old time, and more. Get ready to clap your hands and stomp your feet!!!! With the help from a close tribal brother, he will also perform rune galdr and demonstrate techniques for everyone to join in!! Be ready for a great time!

Danjual Norsewind Solo
Danjul Norsewind performing solo at an event


Danjul, is a Chieftain of a Norse/Germanic Tribe and an active Odinist. Other members of the group include Dirty Dan,  Anna, Kev Blacksmith, and Brokk.

The band is based out of Berks County! They are a folk band performing Scandinavian/Celtic style music. Norsewind performs with a passion for Nordic culture and history!! True to that they uphold the torch and sing original songs of victory, Runes, The Gods and Goddesses, Valhalla, Mead, horns and more!

One can also find out more about this great band on both of this links:

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