We’d like to thank those that took photos and have shared them with us to likewise then share with you. We received a nice gallery of photos from the Svinfylkin Tribe as well as from two of our local hard working volunteers. We’ve broken them up into categories to help if you have a particular interest you wished to view from this years festival. Again thanks to all the attendees, participants, vendors, volunteers, and those that provided these photos.

Vendor Booths Album

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In addition to vendors this years festival again had 2 musical venues. Here is a small slideshow from those performances by a Norse band and by Kellianna.

Musical Performers Album

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Part of the mission and goal of the Winternights Festivals is to educate and inform about the Vikings. Be it their games like Hfnaftal or Kubb, their sagas like the Edda Prose, the Runes or Runestones, and their beliefs like Yggdrasil and the 9 realms. Here is a slideshow of various ways that is done including two great educational seminars with members of Svinfylkin Tribe. One an introduction to the runes by Xander the tribes Godhi (spiritual leader) and later a deeper explanation including working with them by member Fjalar Aubill.

Learn about Vikings Album

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In addition to the artisan vendors attendees young vikings had an opportunity to use their skills to design and construct their own longboat. Seems the women were more akin to doing this than the men. And if one wanted to watch an artisan at work there several demonstrations during the day by Blackmsith Joe from the Svinfylkin Tribe. This album highlights those activities.

Building Boats & Blacksmithing Crafters Album

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A great addition this year to the festival was participation by the Svinfylkin Tribe. They did educational sessions and talks, demonstrated blacksmith skills, and had a great area setup that many if not all visited during the day. Other albums show them in activities here is one final festival album that shows their area along with members or attendees visiting it.

Svinfylkin Tribe Area Album

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