Project Kick Off – Overview of what to Expect :

1: Brief Intro of ‘why’ and ‘what’ this project is about – Basically the stuff the first post on all sites has.

2: A pictorial slideshow review of and about the Gokstad -See how this Viking ship was constructed to help show what we will be replicating. Be amazed at the skill, knowledge, labor intensive work, and oneness with nature that made their ships so strong, light, and sea worthy.

3) A video that explains & shows some of the elements of construction techniques and tools used to build a ship similar to how the Vikings did. Say ‘similar’ because they departed from using the exact methods and materials the Vikings used.

4) Next we’re going to watch a short animated video of the stages, order in which, and steps of assembling all the pieces that make up a longship. Like the prior video it replaces some of what the Vikings used with simpler modern versions of those parts & pieces.

5) This will be followed by a video that shows and actual ship being built starting with splitting a log and the steps (labor intensive) to get to usable planks. It then shows an example of how planks were assembled including sealing of all the seams and edges. These initial steps are close to authentic but then they deviate by incorporating simpler modern pieces. Not surprising as the same group doing this created the animated video we previously watched.

6) That was a sampling of examples of some of what we’ll be doing. Now we’ll go over in detail each of the methods the Vikings used that we’ll be doing and why they were superior , though harder & more time consuming. This will include some slides from the Gokstad, as well as including drawings, and other pictures to help explain each aspect.

7) Last a rough project plan of tasks and timeline

All of this should take about 30 minutes and then we’ll open it up to questions, discussion, and sign up (if one wants to).