Welcome to the Vendor and Sponsors section for the Vetrnaetr/Winternights Festival.

*Vendors/Sponsors – Register now and you also will be given a promotional page on this website!*

Here attendees can learn about the various vendors that will be at the festival as well as sponsors of the event. Potential vendors can find information on registration and participation requirements.

For this years event we are limiting participation to 20 vendors total which includes both food & beverage vendors and crafts & merchandise vendors. The vendor section is divided into 15 10’x10′ areas consisting of 3 rows with 20′ between them for attendees.¬† All food& beverage vendors will be in the same center row with access from either side facing the other vendor rows. (Subject to change) At least that is the plan at the moment. Vendor fees help pay for the required portajohns. We will be providing an overhead view and details on the layout of the entire event prior to the event. For more information see the respective sub menu pages in this section. Our location is right on a state highway with approximately 400 cars an hour going by with great visibility. The layout below may change before the event as the actual venue gets decided.

While we primarily are looking for vendors that directly relate to the event – IE Scandianvian/Vikings/old Norse(pagan) and the reason for the festival in days of old. That said we also are trying to get and promote local businesses/residents/organizations/ etc when and where we can.

If one is creative and or open to a tad of flexibilty in relating, and if one looks at the event as a whole one may see some relationships that will work for you. For instance the festival itself was 1 of three they had
as they only had 3 seasons back then. It was a “COMMUNITY EVENT” if you were part of the community one participated [ hey only 3 big parties a year who wouldn’t :O) ] It also was about thanking for recent harvest (getting by so far) and asking for help in the coming winter (difficult times ahead). This particular one was about remembering and getting close to females that had passed and were watching over those still here. It also was about honoring the Norse gods & entities. This year is specifically devoted to Freya which was seen as the goddess of love, beauty, abundance(wealth/harvest), war, fertility, divination and magic which covers a lot of ground(opportunities). She was very family and families oriented in her actions and deeds.

Just saying that we’d like to have more vendors than less and so are open to ways to add without subtracting from the reason for and the underlying premise of the celebration.