This one is going to be the toughest to find a connection to the event .. NOT! Not to state the obvious but in addition to being a co-sponsor and host for the 2012 2nd Annual Winternights Festival the Nordic House is also a vendor at it.

The shop and coffee house will not be open for sales the day of the event, and the day prior due to preparation for the event, but we will be serving non-alcoholic drinks and some great Scandinavian treats and food. Hopefully this year we will not run out as early as we did last year but we greatly under estimated what was needed. This year with one event under our belts, bad pun, we will be ready for ya.

We really look forward to the unveiling of our 1st runestone and hope that we can continue with adding more of them not only on our property but in other locations as part of a network of attractions in Vernon.

For more information on our shop/coffee house/cafe visit our website at: