Back in the days of Vikings and pretty much everyone else lighting was ala natural as in from the sun, the moon, or perhaps a fire or candles. Aimee Sisco, one of Vernons own, will be hosting a Partylite booth at this years event where “party” it is a festival, and “lite” candles certainly do coincide with the theme of the festival. Likewise the Vikings had very strong family ties and while often at sea they enjoyed the warm comradery of their homes. Make your home warm and inviting with some of the great gift ideas Aimee will be showing during this years event.

Proceeds donated 2 American Cancer Society

Aimee will be donating all proceeds made at the event towards the ACS for Breast Cancer Awareness month.  The Desir will be pleased and honored by this action. Here are some other items she will have at the event:. Thanks Aimee.


For more information and to prep for what you might want to sign up to get visit her website at: