Beth Noland is a local resident and have known her for quite some time, like the old Norse she embraces the land and using natural herbs and remedies as well as taking care of ones body through exercise. She will also be loaning us her book on Runes for the festival and will be doing “dowsing” demos which certainly shows her being one with the basic elements. Here is a brief from her on her attendance.


I will be one of the venders there. I will be offering  Muscle testing and dowsing demos, as well as sharing my new Sound frequency Massage chair and explaining the benefits of the ionizing foot bath system.

I am very excited about my new toys- oh I mean My New Healing Tools. I was introduced to these healing modalities this summer, when I was diagnosed with Lyme’s disease. I was able to find a doctor, who through nutrition, muscle testing and frequency technology (not anti-biotics) has greatly diminished my Lyme symptoms and continues to build up my immune system so my body can kill and eliminate the Lyme bacteria on it’s own.

The side effects I have experienced include: my psoriasis getting better, more energy and clarity of mind and I was able to detoxed heavy metals faster and easier than on any other cleanse I’ve been on. I know I have more healing and detoxing to do. That is why I bought this healing system for my own health, but I’ll share and spread good vibrant health to all I know and love.

Make an appointment during the festival for a massage and get your first sound wave chair massage and ionizing foot bathe compliments of me.

Love and Light

You can find out more about here and her methodologies & offerings at either
BNTherapy         or         BNYoga          where the BN are her initials