Due to monsoon rain last Mon and wedding the weekend following the delivery of oak logs has been delayed. The weather looks good for cutting and delivering them this week but now we are down to 8 weeks to complete all the tasks. As we’ve said in the past rushing to get it done isn’t as important as doing it right. Several of us in discussing it believe it may be better to start the process of preparing the keel, planks, stems and not try to finish it this year. Instead of having a completed ship for the festival we will have a Viking ship building area which shows all of the pieces, how they are made, demonstrations and talks on the process, and even perhaps let attendees work on a sample log. A viking ship building village area to go along with the rest of viking areas. We still will have a completed viking replica ship (faering) the Skogar √ěrostur on display. We’ll see what happens and decide as we get into actually working on the logs. We’ll need time for prepping for this festival too hence our concern on trying to rush it.