Update 06/18/2017 – we have been attempting to find the right size, type, and condition of oak logs to begin the riving/splitting process. We are going to go look at some, though they may be too small for the keel or long planks, this week. They are being donated by someone that read the article. We also will be going to look at a local tree on another residents property that they would like to take down and would be willing to donate some of.

But we haven’t just been waiting for the logs. Soon as we get them the splitting and hewing will need to be done which requires tools. Two blacksmiths we asked do not seem to be interested in making the tools so we have found some that we will be ordering from Europe and a few from good old USA. We also found a source for quantities of pine tar to seal the seams and a source of wrought iron boat clinking nailing for klinking. We still do not have a source for the rove/roove washers that go over the nails but we believe we can find them too. We found the process for making our own pine tar as well which will be done as a show and tell at the festival.

So physically not much achieved but logistically a lot has been done to allow moving forward once we start as opposed to a go, stop, wait, go, stop, wait process once we begin hewing wood