Viking Aett Runestones Trilogy Projects

The Vikings Runestone Trilogy is a labor of love and a work that already is in progress. The trilogy vision consists of building three full size Aettir Runestones in one location, plus unique educational packages about them, runes, and the Vikings (our early Scandinavian ancestors). The packages would be in the form of color prints & brochures, mini-replicas of the runestones, fun yet educational animated videos about vikings, learn about runes and rune casting applications, along with behind the scenes construction and informational videos.

Initially we attempted to put all of this into a single project on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. We canceled that attempt early on as we learned more about it and potential limitations in using it. Not having to pay a middleman means more of your pledge* $ go directly towards funding a project. This would also help lower the total funding goal for a project. Last trying to squeeze everything into a singular project does not work.

We have chosen instead to use this site as well as breaking them into 3 mini projects. Those projects are:

Completion of Vikings Aett Runestones – complete 2nd stone, design and create 3rd (final) stone

Create Educational Packages – that include prints, informational brochures, mini-replicas, videos, DVDs

Rune Casting Oracle – a software application, mobile/tablet app, complete the Oracle and enclosure for it

Each project has its own page which includes the ability to back it, the rewards available, and specific information on it. The sidebar on the right of this page has the “Raise the Hammer” pledges for each .

Promoting these projects and seeking backers for them on a website developed specifically for and about early Norse culture and Vikings just makes more sense. Now instead of “crowd-funding” to the general masses we are “Community-funding” to others like ourselves. Creating several smaller individual projects allows backers to tailor their support to specific areas of interest to them. Nothing from the initial scope and intention of the trilogy project has been eliminated but now as a potential backer you can target your pledge dollars to a particular aspect of it. Now as part of joining a project as a backer you also are joining a community of others with similar interests, concerns, and desires to share, learn, educate, and promote Vikings and early Norse culture. Indeed backers are entitled to free membership registration on this site to allow input and sharing with others on all aspects of the project they backed, other projects, and our annual festival.

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Though not directly part of the trilogy plans we envision these projects will help to make this years 4th Annual Winternights Festival the best ever. A potential stretch goal if all three projects meet their goals is a Winternights/Runestone DVD – event recorded live, music, poetry/prose, oracle application, & ?

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All projects ARE NOT “all or nothing” funding. By pledging to a project, you agree to be bound by the projects funding parameters included as part of our Terms of Use agreement. Full details are on our project fundraising overview/terms of use page found HERE

**Special Note: Pledges and/or donations to any project or to the event itself are not tax deductible.