Viking Aett Runestones Construction

3 views of Freyja Runestone
3 views of Freyja Runestone

Complete the Runestones

The goal of this part of the Vikings Runestone Trilogy projects is the building of the third and final Aettir Runestone. The design, including its shape, underlying structure, coloring, and images represented on it, still needs to be created for this the final runestone in the series. Input from funders is welcome on this. The only knowns are its location, that it will have the last Aett of runes on it, and the god associated with that Aett. When finished all three runestones, the trilogy, containing all 24 runes of the Elder Futhark will have been constructed. There still is a bit of work to do on the second stone but that envolves only our labor and hence no additional costs.

One of the stones is completed. The 2nd is 80% done. The 3rd by fall?

Freyja, Heimdall, & ?
Freyja, Heimdall, & ?

Our funding goal for this project is $1475.

The actual building of a runestone takes weeks to months. It is a labor intensive process. Our sculptures are not chisled out of solid slabs of stone. That was cost prohibitive, required special equipment, and not consistent with the nature of the project. Additionally to us, to just buy rock and have it professionally chiseled would not be consistent with wanting to honor our ancestors, their beliefs, as well as our own desires and beliefs.

Heimdall’s Runestone – The Ram – holds the 2nd Aett of the Elder Futhark

The location of the runestones also is important and taken into consideration. Not just their position on a piece of property but also their orientation to each other, to the earth/heavens, and to the natural enviornment they are part of. For instance we considered the sun shining on Freyja’s back or in her face, where her gaze would be, and her orientation to other runestones and gods as depicted in literature we researched. We also considered the spacing of the stones to each other and allowance for future features to be added on site.

The Runestones scupltures are meant to be more than just “Monuments” to Vikings and early Scandinavians. The trilogy project is meant to be instructional, inspirational, to educate, to entrique, to answer questions, to invoke new ones, and to offer a way to connect with and to the people and a time when runes, the meanings and magic of runes, and runestones existed. These 3 runestones provide a useful medium to aid and facilitate learning and sharing about key aspects of the Viking culture and belief system including the use of runes, the Elder Futhark (and other) runic alphabets, the use of runestones, their gods and their worlds, their sagas and creation beliefs, and important works of literature such as the Younger Edda and the Prose Edda which contain references to Odin’s path to the knowledge of the runes.

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If /when funding exceeds the minimum goal level we will, as has been part of every festival, donate a 1/3 of net funding towards the local Veterans Cemetery for those that have bravely served. We believe that like Vikings our fallen warriors should be honored. (Net is after providing any rewards)

A possible stretch goal for this project in the Vikings Runestone Trilogy is a DVD. It could contain an information segment on design & construction of runestones, segment on creating 3d replicas of them, segment on each runestone, segment on the final dedication ceremony, and a segment of on sponsors/donators to this project ( why/etc).

If you would like to see other items on it please let us know. If funding allows, and it makes sense, we will either add them to this package or create additional packages as warranted.

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Note 3: The second stones script is outlined in dye, but still needs to be carved (final color will be red) additional final shaping done. The third stone still needs to be designed and constructed. To date all the stone designs have been done by us but we are open to having others, especially backers, provide idea sketches to potentially be used.