Viking Aett Educational Package

3 views of Freyja Runestone
3 views of Freyja Runestone

Create Runestones Educational Package Overview

The goal of this part of the trilogy project is to create “Educational Packages”. Individual mini runestone packages, as well as a combined package containing all 3 runestones will be created. Panoramic videos and still shots will be used to create miniature (5″ – 8″) replicas of the trilogy runestones. Single full color sheets on each runestone with information about them or a brochure containing information on all three will then be added to each package.

Our funding goal for this project is $3000.

Below is an animated preview video of a 3d model that can be used to create mini replicas.

Freyja’s Runestone – The Goddess – holds the 1st Aett of the Elder Futhark

Animation videos of Lars and Sven, along with other characters, will be made to tell about various aspects of Vikings and early Norse culture. There will be one that is just about these 3 runestones and the elder Futhark. All videos will become part of the educational packages included as a DVD, added to this website, and will be included on the Trilogy project DVD.

We envision schools, groups, and just visitors coming to see, learning about, and using them to connect with Vikings and an earlier time. Watching the eyes of a young girl/boy as we stand by Freyja and tell them about her and the value system and virtues Vikings held, how females were equals, and even some were shield maidens, of Valkyries, Valhalla, and more is something to behold. That said we can not do this for all visitors plus there are those not able to visit which leads us to creating educational, instructional, and fun information packages.

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If /when funding exceeds the minimum goal level we will, as has been part of every festival, donate a 1/3 of net funding towards the local Veterans Cemetery for those that have bravely served. We believe that like Vikings our fallen warriors should be honored. (Net is after providing any rewards)

If you would like to see other items on it please let us know. If funding allows, and it makes sense, we will either add them to this package or create additional packages as warranted.

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